Still Water Runs Deep

He makes all things Beautiful in HIS TIME. For Eternity is His Time and we are His people each day to enquire in His temple to behold the Beauty of the Lord.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why Mimosa?

Why Mimosa: Touch-me-not! I believe that we need to remain untouchable when it comes to some areas of our lives – Our principles, values and faith in God. We must say ‘Touch-me-not’ even when things are not heading the direction we want; things around us are not making much progress or even our love ones are still battling with the pain or sickness! Still...we need to say Touch-me-not, I’ll continue to trust and put my faith in Him!

We must protect ourselves from harm and run away from things that will destroy us. It could be a bad habit or addictions, wrong relationship or things that rob us away from Him...


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