Still Water Runs Deep

He makes all things Beautiful in HIS TIME. For Eternity is His Time and we are His people each day to enquire in His temple to behold the Beauty of the Lord.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wilderness Experience

I heard a great message on the “Wilderness Experience”. Many people do not like to go thru this season in life. However, it is in the wilderness, we grow in maturity and strengthen from within. Jesus came out from the wilderness experience in the power of the Spirit and made a worship decision in the wilderness: "Thou shall worship the Lord thy God only..."

Three things take place after you come out from the wilderness experience

(1) The devil left him (2) The angels minister to him (3) His Minstry and Miracles begin

The choice is can either defeat you or empower you!

God is more interested to build your character than your comfort in this wilderness experience.


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