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Friday, July 28, 2006

Who’s your master?

Money or God?

Can we enjoy wealth but yet not becoming a slave to it? Well...I know it is a tough Choice!

If your security is based on FINACNE, the chance is that you will be a slave to it. Money will become your MASTER! This Master will make you work for it deliberately and take your life eventually.

If your security is based on FAITH, you will need to seek the MASTER who gives freely to those who seek earnestly. It will draw you nearer to the Master.

For faith is the substance of things hope for, evidence of things unseen…

God wants us to trust Him even in the area of finance. That’s why tithe or giving is always a big STRUGGLE for many people (especially when they become richer, that's mean they have to give more)!! However, the Bible is very clear about it, 10% belongs to Him and we can enjoy the 90% of our wealth. I believe it’ll always be an area of challenge (surrendering) if we choose to do otherwise!


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