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Friday, July 28, 2006

Any New Hobby?

My housemate kept me busy today to think of a new HOBBY!!!

Seriously, other than Ice-skating (still with some pain after the that fall…sore butt!!), I've not been exercising for a ages....well, i do take slow walk around the park or lake if I really need to spent time with myself to get some fresh air.

I tried very hard to re-collect my thoughts the whole afternoon…about the things that I participate during my teens…Guess what!!! The answer is Cycling with youth group @ Pulao Ubing on few occassions. Now, I’ve decided to buy a mountain bike as my sport next week. Hope it'll become a white-elephant! Know what I mean…ha ha! I can also take this time to ride around the neighborhood and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and free Aussie clean fresh air...What a deal!

This week new task is to buy a bike and gears for my new hobby! More updates to come....


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