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Friday, July 28, 2006

Text message from a good friend this morning…

3.07am: “I’m in a night club now, its soooo sleazy! Drunk girls and guys take advantage…so wrong…”

Wow, what a word to start my day!

What kept me thinking was, ‘Why was he in there in the 1st place?’ I can’t help but to ask myself, why did the girls getting dead drunk knowing that the guys will take advantage of them! What a bad choice to be at the wrong place & time! They should be home SLEEPING…!! That’s a better and safer choice.

Next, I planned to head to a Uni with my friend to do my assignment but he reminded me, “It is dangerous to bring your laptop to the library. People might steal it when you go to the toilet! So you might have to bring your belongings everywhere you go…” What on earth is happening! People always planning on evil plots!! I can’t stop think about this…

How can we make this world a better place when all we could think about are soooooo



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