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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Closed chapter…into a new season

It is an emotional day for me. I am about to send off a good friend I met in Bible college. She's heading back to Japan in a few hours …so hard to say ‘Goodbye’! It seems like yesterday while I awaited for a new housemate…Hello then sounded so strange…from an acquaintance to a dear friend for 2 years. We watched each other grow and journey this life together. We laughed, prayed, cried, cooked, shopped and not forgetting those girls giggle…tears just flow as I can see those images flash across my mind.

Harumi: “Hey, remember, you are the one who opened my bank account, can I have the honor for you to close it with me today!” Wow…it is really hard for me to do that! After our morning tea (I baked some pastry and hot English breakfast tea…with music playing…). It’s a joy to spend time with someone so special… is also her birthday too!

Well, we all need to face reality and realize that some people are in our life for a season. But their footprints will stay forever in our heart. I am thankful for this opportunity to meet so many great individual and do life with them the best I could here.

A closed chapter is not a bad thing – so that one can begin a a new chapter! So I wrote, “My pleasure to do this journey with you here, and to my honor to close this chapter with you here. That means a new season is waiting for you in Japan. There 're still many things to do, places to go, and people to love. Be blessed my princess…”


  • At 3:35 am, Blogger Nice Diva said…

    Hello! I'm your official messenger, and I've come to give you a message.

    (That was the message. HAHA!)


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