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Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Sanitized Generation?

Are we sanitized by what we see, hear or witness everyday? Have our conscious gone cold and we are not able to feel anymore. There are so many horrific, bloody and immoral images that we watch on movies or media. Have you ever wonder if it has silent our God-given conscious in some way or another. What’s our emotion responding when we watch a gothic or horror graphics that do not make us feel uneasy or terrified anymore? So are we numbed to them coz we had too much these days or simply feel it’s not real anymore!

My lecturer shared about his son & friends were playing this computer game which needs them to kill in order to gain points. It includes killing a grandma, knock over a pregnancy woman crossing the street, drive a car thru a person on the road’…etc and the kids are thinking That’s FUN! The other thing he mentioned was, few years back after walking out of a cinema after the movie ‘Silent of the Lamb’; many youth were actually laughing at the ‘killing scenes’ as if it was a funny movie! Well, I must say, it is not funny at all but we really need to be careful what we feed our mind, soul and spirit daily. Don’t allow the right values and morals in life be overshadowed by what is perverted or things that are dark or evil!

I think we need to be careful what we watch and listen. We must not allow the junk or what is wrong to drown the conscious. Allow the Holy Spirit to whisper to our ears: take heed and listen to what He has to say – things that are good, right, pure, joyful, and loving. We need to start now if not it will be too late…and the consequence will be too BIG for us to bear! It’ll take a few generations to undo one generation mistakes! So be watchful for what our youth are watching and playing during their leisure. Otherwise, by the time we realized… It’s GAME OVER!


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