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He makes all things Beautiful in HIS TIME. For Eternity is His Time and we are His people each day to enquire in His temple to behold the Beauty of the Lord.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Well, still no sign of my bike after 2 weeks of vigorous shopping for one! To be honest, the main reason is that I couldn’t find a suitable 24” bike within my budget! Most of the bikes are 26” which are too huge for me! Talk abt eyes for good stuff, I am frustrated that any bike that I fancy were just too expensive (I can pay for my Dec’ car rego!)I need Endurance & Patience by my sides!

Talk abt patience, I was put to many trials this week that really stretch me! I reckon the Lord is really teaching me to ‘Wait and not rush’! Yeah, I think this is the ‘test’ for me now. A few occasions, I was acting very impulsively to just ‘buy’ the bike but what really stopped me was the circumstances - either the wrong color or out of stock! My good friend & I went around many different suburb malls to look for our bikes for our new hobby…the rate we are going, the interest will die and eventually give up the idea totally!! See this is exactly what the Lord is ‘telling me’! Do you really want it? Can you endure the race? How long is it going to last?

I really think I need to be patient & the only place to learn it is thru live ‘TESTS’!

Although we must have ‘FAITH’ to move the mountains, but we must have “PATIENT” to see the mountains moved”


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