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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

..::There’s always a natural order::..

I was jus thinking about this incident which I thought might as well share it today. Well, I have an interesting case in counseling. It's about a girl coming to me with her girlfriend issue! She has openly expressed to me about her lesbian practice. She is a beautiful young woman with a combination of looks and talents. To cut the long story short, I have been telling her that if she would be a girl again, there’s a nice guy waiting to date her...

Our team prayed abt it 2 weeks ago for this situation at our workplace. Well, i know the Lord is bringing a change in her. Just this week, there’s a guy who gets really interested in her after a group outing and ‘going after her now’! The true is, no matter how she thinks she is a boy; there is a sense of satisfaction and feeling of being loved within: I read it from her text messages about how he has sent 40 texts in a day to her and had asked her out! He volunteers to pay for her grocery & buy her dinner! Wow…that’s fast I must say. Although, she might be denying it but deep down I know she feels flattered and valued as a girl!

Well, don’t you think it is natural and true that God has created us this way! No matter how hard we try to deny, “Girls like to be chase and Boys like to do the chasing”. Edwin, Cole L, says “A satisfied woman is a one who gets attention from the opposite sex”! It is a bold simple truth. How many times a girl feels unloved or not beautify simply coz she’s not being pursued (No boy likes me at all)! Why boys will always try to go after the most beautiful girl in school? Well, he simply likes going after the best prize to prove his manhood or he just likes the challenge (Once he succeed, He’s the man)!

So boys, don’t be shy to do what’s right! It is not the end of the world if she rejects you…it’s her lost! And…there’s another beautiful girl waiting for a prince to make her feel like a prize, a princess she always wannabe!


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