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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


FINALLY Home for Christmas

This is a new year. To be honest, I did not end 2006 with great expectation for 2007. I kind of feel so overwhelmed by God’s goodness as I returned home to hot and beautiful land, Singapore. I love the place more and more now esp. being away for 2.5yrs leaving behind my family and friends for a new chapter of my life here in Sydney. I never take them for granted and falling in love and treasure them even more now.

Home is always a special place for me coz I’m constantly investing love and wanting the best for one another. Many would say you can choose your friends but not your family members. Then think again, they must be very special coz they didn’t choose you either. Family is gift from God. I love the fact that I can be so free to do whatever I want, however I want and ask for whatever I want AT HOME because I know that they will do it for me (willingly I hope). I was so full of joy to see my lovely cousin, Melissa and my twin sister at the airport waiting for me. my flight landed late on Tue, that explained why it is only 2 faithful family members picking me up but I already had so many well wishes and calls from aunties, grannies and cousins via MSN welcoming me home the day before! What an awesome experience to be so soaped in love.

My grannies (3 healthy, beautiful and great chefs) are busy making sure that I have my favorite food being served @ meal. I am so spoiled by them. My aunties are awesome, they blessed me with their time and gifts…uncles hosting party and BBQ at their place (finding any reason to feast) and many cousins playing and telling me how much they’ve miss me! Ha ha, sound like I am so desperately in love with my family but the fact is I am. My twin is beautiful beyond description, I think the distant/separation had actually bonded us in His love. We are constantly praying, sharing of ministries and keeping each other accountable. I am so blessed to have such a god fearing and generous sister so willing to share and give. Knowing that this journey I took 2.5yrs ago was by faith and has not been an easy choice but her love and prayers had given me much joy and confidence. I am so thankful to the Lord for our faith. My brother with his new girlfriend…they are just lovely. He’s a great cook, tasted one of his casual meal but it was yum…So proud of him - More responsible and always diligent in his work. One of my regrets is that I am not able to be there for them and see each one of my cousin growth (only via phone and MNS) but I am grateful to our sweet Lord for watching over them and the great news is, 6 of my cousins and 2 aunties had given their lives to Jesus in 2006 (that’s the greatest gift for me – thank sis for her undying patient and good work in witnessing and bringing them to events and camps)! Well done, Dorcas!

To be continued…


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