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He makes all things Beautiful in HIS TIME. For Eternity is His Time and we are His people each day to enquire in His temple to behold the Beauty of the Lord.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not About Me

I am experiencing some pain in my right palm for more than 3 months. I am convinced that God is a creative person because, in the process of knowing that the right palm is growing weaker and weaker, my left palm is able to function or operate more freely or subconsciously stronger now. I was just thinking of my blind friend Steven, he was blind from birth but the amazing thing is that he is able to recognise people by just touching their palm, this is astonishing because he seems to remember the next time I approached him, not even saying a thing yet and he will call out my name once he recognise the texture of my palm with one Touch! Somehow, do we need to have some form of ‘handicap’ to recognise God’s touch? Why am I saying that! I still remember the first touch from the Lord when I came to the altar with brokenness is that still small voice whispering, ‘I’ll be the father the fatherless”. Am I more sensitive to His voice because I am desperate and needed Him more from now on that I am able to sense His presence or touch so readily. Why am I saying that, maybe I am also in the season of not knowing where I am heading or where God is taking me; for once in my life I lost the sense of knowing where I am heading next, a little comprehensive with the ending of the journey here by this coming August and not knowing where I am heading next (This will be a closed chapter for me). I do want to know what is the next plan or step I need to take from now yet I don’t have a clue at all! Maybe that is the reason why I have not been writing or updating the blog coz I simply don’t know what to share! However, I love the season now, do I really need to know everything. I love the little surprises he bring on to me that cheer me up from time to time. I love the fact that I need to rely on Him coz I am weak, I need Him more than before coz He is leading the way (not me), I need to stay faithful coz I can always trust His heart even I don’t see His hand (most of the time). I love the fact that I can enter into worship in the morning and meet with Him and linger in His presence that calm and give me peace. I love the fact that He is Good God and I can always trust and put my faith in Him. Yes, for once, I can say, I must have ‘Faith’ a substance hoped for on the things unseen yet.

A song from a talented song writer and great pianist

Not About Me
Verse 1:
Let my soul be still before You Lord
Let my heart know that You are God
In the midst of confusion
Lord I want to be
Lost in Your compassion
Let it flow right through me

It’s not about me
It’s not about me
It’s all about You
It’s all about You

Verse 2:
Lord remove all unrighteousness inside
Take away my jealousy and pride
There’ll be many distractions

But I will set my sights
On the God of creation
May His Name be lifted high
Words and Music by Daryl Chan© 2006


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