Still Water Runs Deep

He makes all things Beautiful in HIS TIME. For Eternity is His Time and we are His people each day to enquire in His temple to behold the Beauty of the Lord.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Text message from a good friend this morning…

3.07am: “I’m in a night club now, its soooo sleazy! Drunk girls and guys take advantage…so wrong…”

Wow, what a word to start my day!

What kept me thinking was, ‘Why was he in there in the 1st place?’ I can’t help but to ask myself, why did the girls getting dead drunk knowing that the guys will take advantage of them! What a bad choice to be at the wrong place & time! They should be home SLEEPING…!! That’s a better and safer choice.

Next, I planned to head to a Uni with my friend to do my assignment but he reminded me, “It is dangerous to bring your laptop to the library. People might steal it when you go to the toilet! So you might have to bring your belongings everywhere you go…” What on earth is happening! People always planning on evil plots!! I can’t stop think about this…

How can we make this world a better place when all we could think about are soooooo


Any New Hobby?

My housemate kept me busy today to think of a new HOBBY!!!

Seriously, other than Ice-skating (still with some pain after the that fall…sore butt!!), I've not been exercising for a ages....well, i do take slow walk around the park or lake if I really need to spent time with myself to get some fresh air.

I tried very hard to re-collect my thoughts the whole afternoon…about the things that I participate during my teens…Guess what!!! The answer is Cycling with youth group @ Pulao Ubing on few occassions. Now, I’ve decided to buy a mountain bike as my sport next week. Hope it'll become a white-elephant! Know what I mean…ha ha! I can also take this time to ride around the neighborhood and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and free Aussie clean fresh air...What a deal!

This week new task is to buy a bike and gears for my new hobby! More updates to come....

Who’s your master?

Money or God?

Can we enjoy wealth but yet not becoming a slave to it? Well...I know it is a tough Choice!

If your security is based on FINACNE, the chance is that you will be a slave to it. Money will become your MASTER! This Master will make you work for it deliberately and take your life eventually.

If your security is based on FAITH, you will need to seek the MASTER who gives freely to those who seek earnestly. It will draw you nearer to the Master.

For faith is the substance of things hope for, evidence of things unseen…

God wants us to trust Him even in the area of finance. That’s why tithe or giving is always a big STRUGGLE for many people (especially when they become richer, that's mean they have to give more)!! However, the Bible is very clear about it, 10% belongs to Him and we can enjoy the 90% of our wealth. I believe it’ll always be an area of challenge (surrendering) if we choose to do otherwise!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wilderness Experience

I heard a great message on the “Wilderness Experience”. Many people do not like to go thru this season in life. However, it is in the wilderness, we grow in maturity and strengthen from within. Jesus came out from the wilderness experience in the power of the Spirit and made a worship decision in the wilderness: "Thou shall worship the Lord thy God only..."

Three things take place after you come out from the wilderness experience

(1) The devil left him (2) The angels minister to him (3) His Minstry and Miracles begin

The choice is can either defeat you or empower you!

God is more interested to build your character than your comfort in this wilderness experience.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I have an old car that broke down recently – A new revelation for me. My kind mechanic says that I’ve over-heated the engine! Well…being so eager to head home, I ignored the warning sign on the dashboard and eventually killed the engine (before I could reach my place)! A very important lesson for me that day! He says, just stop the car, let the engine cool….pour in some water and drive again…this is safer and better! Wow…that is simple...I can do that!

It strikes me today when I was thinking about the incident! Many times, we choose to ignore the ‘warning sign’ in our life that is trying to tell us to slow down, maybe this tiny body needs some rest! Instead of paying attention to the sign, we pretend we can still push further and in no time! We’re burnt out and killed the ‘Body’ eventually. So don’t ignore the sign…slow down, take time off or simply RELAX! Cool down, pour some water in and then move again. This will surely enable us to move safely and smoothly in this journey in Life.

First Ice Skating Experience

Ice Skating today...fell 5 times but it was all worth it! I really enjoy the cold atmosphere and the ability to walk on 'ice'! It is a fun day with 6 of my friends. My 1st attempt to ice skate!

Falling is not the issue, the real issue is 'We are afraid of failure'! Well, the key for today is: Allow yourself to 'FEEL' the pain and Get up and Get going again! Many times, we're so afraid of 'falling' but I've learnt, instead of falling backward, embrace it and move your body forward to adjust to the movement...this help oneself to balance instead of falling. So instead of falling head-ward....move your body....maybe you might landon the safer side!! Think about it.

Instead of fighting against the thought of 'falling', why not Master it and grow out of the pain! I will continue to skate till I can move freely on the ice...because I enjoy watching others who had mastered the shill and able to move gracefully on the ring now.
Mind you, all had their fair shares of falls too!

I'm not afraid of the pain anymore just like the old saying: 'No Pain, No Gain'! It is all worth it when the day I could move like a free bird on the skating ring with others...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why Mimosa?

Why Mimosa: Touch-me-not! I believe that we need to remain untouchable when it comes to some areas of our lives – Our principles, values and faith in God. We must say ‘Touch-me-not’ even when things are not heading the direction we want; things around us are not making much progress or even our love ones are still battling with the pain or sickness! Still...we need to say Touch-me-not, I’ll continue to trust and put my faith in Him!

We must protect ourselves from harm and run away from things that will destroy us. It could be a bad habit or addictions, wrong relationship or things that rob us away from Him...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Beginning of my blog

My best friend from Singapore set up this blog for me........